Just drink it after dinner
100% natural with no caffeine or chemical additives
Enhances your body's natural ability to purge toxic build-up and excessive fat deposits
Helps you lose weight without dieting or disturbing your body's natural balance with appetite suppressants
Helps you lose weight for more than
Senictrim Herbal Slimming Tea uses the finest natural ingredients to help you lose weight and feel healthy. Senictrim enhances your body's natural ability to purge both excessive fat deposits and toxins through its natural elimination process. The unique blend of herbs removes excessive fat deposits left by high cholesterol and greasy foods

allowing your body to recover its NATURAL BALANCE.
With Senictrim you will be able to lose weight without the use of artificial appetite suppressants or complex dieting plans.
Enjoy the smoothing taste of Senictrim Herbal Slimming Tea after a meal or anytime during the day.
Note: You may experience mild bowel movements within 2-3 hours of drinking Senictrim Herbal Slimming Tea.
Warning: Do not use if you suffer from diarrhea and abdominal pain. Senictrim Herbal Slimming Tea is not recommended for children and pregnant or nursing mothers.
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